Finer Values For The Gift Marketing

GIF marketing is a visual method of transmitting information and attracting attention. It is also an easy way to stand out on the general background in social networks. In this article, you will learn how to create an animated GIF image.

What are GIFs made of?

  • Hyphae create from a series of images or videos. Combine several photos or video frames into an animated image. The audio track is not saved.
  • GIFs can be created on the basis of professional equipment (for example, Adobe After Effects) and on specialized sites. Many support integration with Facebook and Twitter and offer funny things (stickers, for example).
  • Popular, simple and free tool.
  • It is not necessary to register to create gifs. But the account allows you to save the results to the resource and upload to your own channel of the form

So go through a simple registration. Then press Create in the upper right corner. You can have the best results now from templated videos.

Next, choose one of the options:

Gif maker

Create a gif from a YouTube video or computer.


Create a gif from multiple images.

Gif caption

Add captions and text to gif.

GIF Editor

Add stickers, filters, and animation.

The first two options create a gif from scratch.

Gif of video

Click GIF Maker. Paste the YouTube link or click Browse to download from your computer. Restriction: video size is less than 100 MB and shorter than 15 minutes.

Now set the start time and duration:

Add captions and tags, select a style and color for the captions. Gifku can be hidden or made public. Share in social networks can only public gifs.

Accept the terms of the agreement and click Create:

Here’s what we got:

Select the switching speed between frames:

You can add captions, change the order of display, remove or add images, as well as add tags. Now click Create Slideshow.

Here’s what we got:

Gif can immediately upload to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. But it is better to preload it so that when you upload it you should see the animation and not a link to it.